DonorQuest 7.01 Maintenance Release is Available

Version 7.01 of our DonorQuest Fundraising software has been posted and is available for immediate download. This is a maintenance release which addresses the following issues:

For the General Ledger Process, tab-delimited export was always being done for mail merge data files, regardless of settings in General Ledger options dialog.

When extended find is turned off, search fields for it in Find dialog were still being offered

User was not able to simply press Enter on selection name when copying to a new selection. Using Enter to effectively click the OK button has now been enabled on all forms with an OK button.

Program switch to turn off code checking was being ignored.

Default values for User Name, Next Contact, and Last Contact for mass contact add form were not being set.

Clicking on the Results button of the toolbar while the Selection Results window is open will now reset the window to the default view of chronological order, resets to first selection result, and clears all selection marks.

Copy feature of Main Information window was not defaulting to name of donor being copied.

When_Added date in donations, pledges, etc. is now set to current date during data import if nothing is assigned to When_Added date in import mapping.

When typing a drop-down code directly in Main Info form, description was not properly appended when pressing Tab.

Editing a field by which a selection has been ordered will cause reordering of data, making it difficult for a user to work their way through a list making edit changes. DQ 6922 behavior was to not shuffle the display when a key field is edited unless the user re-orders the selection by the field again (by clicking on the title for the field column). This behavior has now been restored in DonorQuest 7.01

After doing a Find any user-selected order is now maintained instead of reverting to Last Name order

Turning off the right to edit donations was also preventing a user from simply adding a new donation. This has been corrected.

Cursor was not going to last name when adding a new donor if main info form already open.

Clicking file, export donor data when Main Info Form is open with changes pending caused a crash

Enhancement: Added Rename buttons to Selection Definition dialog and Field Group dialog.

Enhancement: City menu will now appear if a particular zip code has territory in two or more cities when tabbing out of the zip code field (provided city field is blank). Previously, only the most likely city would be auto-filled. Internal zip code table has also been updated.


The upgrade directions and password are the same for DonorQuest 7.01 as they were for 7.0. Please refer to the downloads page for installation instructions. Please contact DonorQuest support if you no longer have the installation password which was emailed to you previously.

Thanks for using DonorQuest Fundraising Software.