DonorQuest 7.02 Maintenance Release Is Available

Version 7.02 of our DonorQuest Fundraising software has been posted and is available for immediate download. This is a maintenance release which addresses the following issues:

After a FIND, the Main Information datagrid will now remain in the order it was last placed in by the user (i.e. alphabetized by Last Name, Address, Organization Name, etc.)

Turning off the user right to edit donations was also preventing a user from simply adding a new donation.

When the Add button was clicked and the Main Information form is already open, the cursor was not being automatically positioned at Last Name field.

Tabbing into State then trying to type a state abbreviation (instead of using the drop-down list) was only allowing one letter to be typed.

Converting an existing selection result to Header table orientation would sometimes alter the conditions of the selection.

Importing Import mappings repeatedly was creating duplicates mappings in some cases.

Deleting all columns in a custom report was causing the report writer to crash.

On very large databases in some cases the DonorQuest local Backup was not completing.

The DonorQuest Server Component now protects against itself being launched twice by accident (only one instance of the Server Component is required to satisfy all workstation requests).

Enhancement: When more than one city is valid for a specific zip code, DonorQuest will now allow the user to choose the correct city from a pop-up menu. Previously, DonorQuest would simply choose the city most commonly associated with the zip, sometimes requiring the user to manually type the city, state, and county to correct the automatic entry.

Enhancement: All form saves now take less than a second. Previously, when running on a network with a large database and two or more users logged in, DonorQuest could take several seconds to save a new Donor, donation, etc.

Enhancement: The progressive search of the Main Information window has been sped up considerably.  This is the feature which allows you to simply type the letters of a last name (or whichever column the display is ordered by) and the display will interactively update showing all names beginning with the letters you have typed so far.

The upgrade directions and password are the same for DonorQuest 7.02 as they were for 7.0. Please refer to the downloads page for installation instructions. Please contact DonorQuest support if you no longer have the installation password which was emailed to you previously.

Thanks for using DonorQuest Fundraising Software.