Powerful Donor Management
DonorQuest helps you manage your donors, prospects, board members, foundations, volunteers and any other entities that are involved with your organization. It also enables you to efficiently manage all of these entities, discover new relationships, share information and become a more effective fundraiser (click any screen image to enlarge).

Complete Fundraising Management 
Track all of your fundraising efforts including pledges, donations, campaigns, funds, solicitations and contacts with your constituents. Track relationships between donors with linkages feature.

Contact Manager
The DonorQuest contact and grant manager helps you track all interactions with your donors and allow you to set follow up reminders. You can even assign a follow-up to another user in the system.

Data Import and Export
DonorQuest includes a powerful import and export module with the ability to update existing donor records as well as add new donor accounts. You can also export records from DonorQuest to a text file or directly into a spreadsheet.

Donation Statistics and Graphs
Quickly see donation and pledge totals for campaigns and funds. And with the built-in donation graph, it’s easy to track total donations by year, month and even week.

Advanced User Management
DonorQuest includes multi-level password protection so you have granular control over what users can see and do in the system. You can even customize the tabs that each user can see and with the multi-user version, it’s easy to see who else is logged into the database.

Powerful Query Engine
Use one of the many pre-defined selections or create custom selections. Selections can be powerful for gaining insight into your fundraising activities and includes many of the common queries like LYBUNT (last year but unfortunately not this year) and SYBUNT (some year but unfortunately not this year).

Reports and More Reports
Over 400 stock reports to choose from or create your own with the custom report writer. DonorQuest even includes the ability to import and export report definitions so you can share with another DonorQuest user.

Export to Spreadsheet
Need more analysis? With DonorQuest, you can export any selection to Microsoft Excel for additional analysis and charting. You can even customize which fields are exported so you can work with the information that you want.

In A Nutshell

DonorQuest is a highly customizable Fundraising and Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) solution providing the rich feature set of more expensive systems, without the inflated pricing. We offer cloud-based solutions and traditional in-house installed versions. DonorQuest features an extensive contact management system designed to help you easily schedule interactions between your staff and your top donors, and record detailed notes about each interaction, rescheduling as needed. The dashboard area of DonorQuest shows how many contacts you personally have for today, and that count is updated in realtime as other users create or reassign contacts to your user account based on their own donor interactions. Seeing all of your contacts for today is just a click away, as are filtered contact views for any time period. And unlike other cloud-based systems, DonorQuest lets you see more about each donor at the same time without a bunch of mouse clicks. For example, let’s say you’re working your way through today’s scheduled interactions in DonorQuest, calling donors as you go. As you are on the phone with a donor fulfilling a scheduled interaction (perhaps concerning a large pledge they are considering), you can also see all past contact notes, the donor’s full giving history, main biographical information, general notes, or any other aspect of their account, all at the same time in movable resizable windows.

In addition to being a great CRM system, DonorQuest offers everything you would expect in a full donor tracking and fundraising management system, including grant tracking with reminders, monetary donation and volunteer hour tracking, soft credits, matching gifts, memorial giving, pledge tracking with automatic payment reminder statements, automated thank-you letters for each gift, annual giving receipts with actual and tax-deductible amounts, in-depth analysis reports, and deep Excel integration. Absolutely every report or filtered data view in DonorQuest can be sent directly to an Excel spreadsheet for further analysis. And with DonorQuest we don’t charge extra for what should be standard features – such as an advanced data import feature and the ability to customize each and every one of the hundreds of stock reports we have.

With DonorQuest you can dig deep into your donor data with incredibly insightful statistical reports which allow you to determine which of your fundraising efforts have historically been the most effective. For example, the Donor Metrics reporting in DonorQuest allows you to see statistical changes in donor giving between multiple time periods. Metrics shown for each period include Total Number of Donors, Number of New Donors, Number of Repeat Donors, Total Number of Donations, Dollar Total of Donations, Average Donation Amount, and Average Number of Gifts Per Donor, all with percent changes between periods. In addition to these metrics being shown in total for each period, the same metrics are also broken down by donation amount range within each time period. All aspects of the report are customizable, including the specific time periods compared, and the specific donation amount ranges shown.

An important point of difference with DonorQuest is that you have a choice of either a cloud-based system or a traditional in-house system, with the added advantage of being able to move between the two solutions at anytime. While our cloud solution offers the solid advantage of enabling you to securely access your donor information from anywhere on any device, you are never locked into it. You could switch to the in-house version at anytime, and vice-versa. Your data is forever yours and never held hostage as it is with the cloud-only offerings of other vendors and the associated monthly fees. And when it comes to the monthly fees for our cloud solution, our pricing is unmatched. We charge by the number of concurrent user connections, and the first 200,000 constituent records are included at no additional cost! Take a look at the pricing from the other vendors – you will find they typically charge $500 or more per month for a modest database of just 25,000 constituent records. Really? What about when you grow to 50,000 or 100,000 constituents? With DonorQuest the monthly cost would remain the same as your database experiences typical healthy growth, and a basic cloud package with six concurrent user access is only $280 per month (our cloud pricing starts at $80 per month). All of our plans include an unlimited number of user accounts (people authorized to access the cloud system), but you only pay for the maximum number of people you need to have logged in at the same time.

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