Prices shown are in US Dollars and are subject to change.

DonorQuest Licensed
Installed at your location
Single-User Multi-User
Max Concurrent Users** 1 Unlimited
Max Donor Records Unlimited Unlimited
Upgrades $300* $500*
Technical Support $495/year $695/year 2-4 users
$895/year 5+ users
Price $1200 $2600

Full License Purchase

Upgrade Only Purchase

DonorQuest Support Payments

* Upgrades are free to users on an annual support contract
**Limit is for the number of users who can be logged in at the same time. All plans offer an unlimited number of user accounts.
***Incident support (outside of the regular annual support agreement) is only available if you are running the current release of DonorQuest.

Additional Services Price
Data Conversion Services* $150/hour
Custom Programming $150/hour
Custom Reports and Queries** $100/hour
On-site Training*** $1395 + $75 for each additional trainee
Telephone/Web Training $100/hour

* Data Conversion costs are based upon the complexity of the data. An estimate can be provided with a sample of the data. Please call for acceptable file formats.
** While in the normal course of business some custom reports and queries may be created free of charge for users on support, we reserve the right to charge for excessive requests in order to prevent abuse of the courtesy.
*** The cost of airfare is not included. All other travel expenses are included.

Statement Of Confidentiality

Be assured we keep all our customer data completely confidential, and we never share, sell, or allow solicitation of the names in your database.  With our online version, your data is only copied and backed up as needed in our data center to maintain and update our systems, or to assist you in uploading your data to your online DonorQuest database.


System Requirements

To use the in-house purchased version of DonorQuest for Windows, you will need:

  • For single user version, any PC running Windows 2000 or later.
  • For multi-user version, same as above for workstations, server may be Windows 2000, 2003, 2008, 2012, or Linux.
  • A high-speed in-house wired ethernet connection to an in-house server for all workstations running DonorQuest.
  • 30 MB of available hard-disk space for the program itself, plus 20 KB of disk space (on average) for each donor record.
  • Internet connection for initial installation and subsequent updates.
  • 1024 by 768 or greater screen resolution.
  • (Optional) Word processing application, such as Microsoft Word for mail merges.
  • (Optional) Spreadsheet application, such as Microsoft Excel for spreadsheet analysis.